Crazy Seinfeld Facts

Movies the Gang Sees or Mentions

  1. Firestorm; mentioned in "The Pool Guy" and "The Engagement"
  2. Moutain High; one of Kramer's movie commercials for Movie Phone; mentioned in "The Pool Guy"
  3. Chow Fun; mentioned in "The Pool Guy"
  4. Chunnel; the movie the gang went to see in "The Pool Guy"
  5. Agent Zero; movie Kramer thinks George has entered for Movie Phone; mentioned in "The Pool Guy"
  6. Brown Eyed Girl; movie Kramer thinks George has entered for Movie Phone; mentioned in "The Pool Guy"
  7. Plan 9 From Outerspace; the movie George, Elaine, and Jerry were supposed to see in "The Chinese Restaurant"; also in "The Postponement"
  8. Checkmate; mentioned in "The Movie"
  9. Ponce de Leon; one of George's favorites; mentioned in "The Movie" and "The Dog"
  10. Rochelle Rochelle; a young woman's erotic journey from Milan to Minsk; mentioned in "The Movie"; also becomes a musical starring Bette Middler in "The Understudy"; George also rents it in "The Smelly Car"
  11. Havana; costs Jerry a pretty penny since Elaine was three weeks late in returning it; mentioned in "The Virgin"
  12. Shaft is mentioned by Jerry as Elaine's favorite movie to the fake Elaine in "The Pilot"
  13. Home Alone; George rents it because he was lost when he saw Home Alone 2 in "The Junior Mint"
  14. JFK; spoofed and mentioned in "The Boyfriend"
  15. Muted Heart; George and Susan go to see this instead of Firestorm in "The Engagement"
  16. Spartacus; movie playing in "The Gum"
  17. Henry VIII; movie playing in "The Gum"
  18. The Keys; Kramer's screenplay idea, mentioned in "The Trip"
  19. Prognosis Negative; mentioned in "The Dog"
  20. The First Power; movie poster in "The Dog"
  21. Prancer; movie poster in "The Dog"
  22. Dr. Zhivago, mentioned by Kramer in "The Baby Shower"
  23. Deliverance, mentioned in "The Mom and Pop Store"
  24. Midnight Cowboy, spoofed and mentioned in "The Mom and Pop Store"
  25. Runaway Train, mentioned in "The Mom and Pop Store"
  26. Star Trek II, mentioned and spoofed in "The Foundation"
  27. Star Trek III, mentioned by Kramer to Elaine in "The Foundation"
  28. Cold Fusion, film Jerry wants to see with Kramer in "The Bizarro Jerry"
  29. Chapter Two, film that Jerry's girlfriend ripped off in "The Letter"
  30. Apocalypse Now, spoofed in "The Chicken Roaster"
  31. Deathblow, when someone wants to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for entirely different reasons; in "The Little Kicks"
  32. Cry Cry Again, film Jerry was going to bootleg; in "The Little Kicks"
  33. Extreme Measures, film in the background in "The Little Kicks"
  34. The Other Side, film starring Eric Roberts as the husband in "The Comeback"
  35. Weekend at Bernies II, rented by Elaine in "The Comeback"
  36. Betrayed, film suggested by video clerk to Elaine in "The Comeback"
  37. The English Patient, film Elaine hates in "The English Patient"
  38. The Omen, film George stayed up until 4 in the morning watching in "The Nap"
  39. Striptease, film mentioned by Elaine when she was told to shut up, in "The Yada Yada"
  40. Pulp Fiction, spoofed in "The Muffin Tops"
  41. The Net, Frank saw it and decides to sell computers, in "Serenity Now"
  42. Ghostbusters, in "The Blood"
  43. 9 1/2 Weeks, in "The Blood"
  44. The Outlaw Josey Wales, mentioned by George in "The Strike"
  45. Blimp: The Hindenburg Story, George's line in the movie theater: "That's gotta hurt"; in "The Puerto Rican Day"
  46. Cape Fear; spoofed in "The Bookstore"--Uncle Leo as Deniro's character
  47. Titanic, the old lady was lying and she was a bit of a tramp; in "The Burning"
  48. The Fugitive, Elaine's speech for searching for the Today Sponge, in "The Sponge"; also spoofed in "The Cadillac"
  49. Star Wars, bet involvind Dustin Hoffman starring in; in "The Calzone"
  50. Means to an End, movie Jerry and date want to see and end up seeing, in "The Calzone"
  51. Blame it on the Rain, movie Elaine and boyfriend see instead, in "The Calzone"
  52. Only You, film rented by George, in "The Cadillac"
  53. My Cousin Vinny, film rented by George, in "The Cadillac"
  54. Nixon, spoofed when Morty is impeached, in "The Cadillac"
  55. Schindler's List, Jerry and Rachel make out during it, in "The Raincoats"
  56. Scent of a Woman, Elaine says the soup nazi looks just like him, in "The Soup Nazi"
  57. Godfather, Jerry pretends to talk like the Godfather, in "The Bris"
  58. Edward Scissorhands, favorite movie of the barber, in "The Barber"

Locations in the Show

  1. In Los Angeles, on the Trip part 2, Jerry and George are standing at a payphone (11245 Venture Boulevard).
  2. Poppie's Restaurant, 1334 77th Street

Sports Celebrities Appearing or mentioned in the Show

  1. Danny Tartabull: George tries to fix his swing, will appear on a telethon; appears in "The Chaperone" and "The Pledge Drive"
  2. Joe Dimaggio, Kramer sees him in Dinky Donuts and he dips; appears in "The Note"
  3. Joe Pepitone, suggested as a day at Yankee Stadium in "The Mom and Pop Store"
  4. Mickey Mantle, Kramer knocked him out in ""
  5. Derek Jeter, George showing him how to hit homers in "The Abstinence"
  6. Bernie Williams, George showing him how to hit in "The Abstinence"
  7. Reggie Miller, Kramer fights him at Madison Square Garden, then goes out with him and Spike Lee to a strip club in "The Susie"