Season Four George Episode Guide

The Trip (Part 1) 8/12/92 George reveals that Kramer asked him to go to L.A. with him, but he refused and kept the secret for quite some time. Jerry then asks him if he wants to go with him to L.A., where Jerry will appear on the Tonight Show. Revealed: George dresses by mood and prefers to sleep without the tucked in sheets. Waiting inside NBC studios, George runs into Corbin Bernsen and proposes a case for L.A. Law: the dead cat--he forgot to feed it and refuses to pay for a new cat. Then he runs into George Wendt and proposes changing the setting of Cheers, because people do meet outside of bars.

The Trip (Part 2) 8/19/92 George and Jerry take a ride in a cop car to help prove Kramer's innocence in a serial killing (the Smog Strangler). George asks why they changed the siren? When the police crack down on Kramer, the two leave the door open and let the real killer free.

The Pitch / The Ticket 9/16/92 George and Jerry pitch their show about nothing to NBC. George starts dating Susan but then Kramer throws up on her. Kramer trades Newman a radar detector for a motorcycle helmet. The helmet saves his life when he is kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Divola. Newman gets a speeding ticket and makes Kramer his alibi.

The Wallet (Part 1) 9/23/92 Morty thinks someone stole his wallet at the doctor's office. Kramer acts as Elaine's boyfriend in order to dump her boyfriend/shrink.

The Watch (Part 2) 9/30/92 George tries to bargain with NBC. Jerry tries to get his watch back from Uncle Leo.

The Bubble Boy 10/7/92 Jerry agrees to visit a boy in a bubble on his way upstate with Elaine, George, and Susan. George loses Jerry and ends up getting in a fight with the bubble boy. Kramer burns down Susan's father's cabin. Jerry and George describe the pies.

The Cheever Letters 10/28/92 Meets Susan's father for the first time since the cabin burned down. George and Jerry continue to work on the pilot but keep falling asleep. They also find out Susan's dad is gay based on old letters.

The Opera 11/4/92 The gang is going to the opera. George dresses up in a tuxedo he hasn't worn in six years (at the curse-filled toast) and it's too small for him! He's also upset with Susan because she won't even reach for the check at a restaurant. He then tries to scalp a ticket and gets $175 for it.

The Virgin 11/11/92 George wants to get rid of Susan so he can use his job to get women. His idea involves David Letterman, because Susan has a thing for him. He also proposes the butler idea for the show to Jerry. Jerry dismisses it, but NBC loves it! Then George kisses Susan in front of the NBC brass and gets her fired. However, it succeeds in a break up. George tries to use his job to get women but it blows up in his face at the end.

The Contest 11/18/92 George is caught "you-know" at his parents house--his entertainment is a Glamour magazine. Estelle walks in on him and faints. George zips up first and vows he will never do it again, which leads to a contest with the group. When visiting his mother in the hospital, George is tempted by a sponge bath in the same room--every night at 6:30 p.m. George supposedly wins, or does he?

The Airport 11/25/92 George loses a bet on his vertical leap to Jerry and he says he'll pick him up at the airport to clear the debt. George had his plan to get to the airport seventeen minutes after the plane lands. But Kramer ruins it when he takes the Long Island Expressway and they get stuck in traffic. When they reach Kennedy, the find out that the flight was canceled and go to La Guardia. There, they find out that the flight was rerouted to Kennedy. George also gets the last copy of Time magazine because he might have a blurb on him. But he pisses off a criminal who's on the cover. Kramer also sees an old roommate who stiffed him on rent twenty years ago and convinces George to buy two tickets to get on the same plan. Of course, it backfires and George is trapped on the plane with the criminal.

The Pick 12/16/92 George loses Susan. But he thinks he didn't love her anyway. But he has second thoughts. Elaine suggests he go to a therapist, Donna Foley, where his zipper gets stuck. Jerry, meanwhile, is caught picking his nose. George says that Moses would have picked his nose. He's also upset that he didn't get a Christmas card from Elaine ("Nip" to her friends). He finally gets back with Susan and uses Louis Pasteur and his wife to convince Susan that two different people can get along. When he realizes he doesn't want to be with her, he uses the pick to get out.

The Movie 1/6/93 George and the gang decide to go to a movie--"Checkmate" at the Paragon. George gets in the wrong line and doesn't get the tickets at this theater. So they go to the Paradise Twin where "Checkmate" and "Rochelle Rochelle" are playing. He goes out to find Kramer and Jerry while Elaine tries to hold seats. George wastes all the tickets trying to get back into the theater and goes to see "Rochelle Rochelle."

The Visa 1/27/93 George picks up a lawyer, Cheryl, who is Ping's cousin. Cheryl thinks he's funny, so George is worried that she'll find out he's not and convinces Jerry to not be funny so he looks good at dinner at Isabella's. But Cheryl falls for Jerry and his gloom and doom outlook. George admits to Cheryl that he made Jerry appear not funny so he'd look good and ultimately gets Babu deported since Cheryl is outraged (she's the Terminator).

The Shoes 2/4/93 Still in therapy, George asks Donna Foley to read the script for the pilot. She doesn't think its funny and doesn't buy the idea of the butler. President of NBC, Dowripple, becomes sick and Jerry and George meet at his house to go over the script. Jerry gives George a poke to peak at the cleavage of Dowripple's 15 year old daughter. George is caught staring and the pilot is canceled. But it's back on when Elaine asks for Dowripple's ketchup secret.

The Outing 2/11/93 George couldn't go through with a break up because Allison threatens suicide. He also reveals that LBJ is the ugliest world leader. Also, says his name would be "Buck Naked" if he were a porno actor. A reporter from NYU thinks Jerry and George are gay and George thinks his voice is high and whiny on tape. His present to Jerry for his birthday: tickets to Guys and Dolls!. NYU reporter runs the story and it is picked up by the AP. Estelle finds out and she lands in the hospital again where George witnesses a sponge bath (a male one, this time). He also thinks he has another way out with Allison: he's gay.

The Old Man 2/18/93 George and the gang, sans Kramer, try to fill a void by volunteering to help the elderly. George's old pal--Ben Cantwell, walks out on him because George is constantly thinking about death. He also reveals that he wants to meet a woman who doesn't speak English. And his victim: a housekeeper from Senegal. His fantasy: dip his head in oil and rub it over her body.

The Implant 2/25/93 Betsy is his girlfriend this time and we learn that George can't go left. But he really likes her and finds a way into her heart when her aunt dies. He will be consolation guy at the funeral. He schemes with Kramer to get cheap tickets on Atlantic Northern. But to get the cheap tickets, he needs a copy of the death certificate. He blows it when he double dips in the dip and tries to use a photo of him and the casket to get the discount.

The Junior Mint 3/18/93 George forgets he invested in Lincoln Savings Bank and now has $1900 to blow. He also rents Home Alone because he was lost when he saw Home Alone 2. He stays at Jerry's to watch it and when Jerry returns, he finds George crying! But still looking for a scheme, he buys $1900 worth of triangle boy's art--which saves his life (or was it the Junior Mint?).

The Smelly Car 4/15/93 George finds out that Susan has turned lesbian when he tries to return "Rochelle Rochelle" at the video store. He didn't rewind the tape and the store is going to charge him $3.49 ($2 for rewinding!), so he keeps it another night. He goes with Jerry to the restaurant to complain about the valet's rampant B.O. (B.B.O. is what George calls it). The tape is stolen and it costs $98 to replace. Lesbianism also turns him on and he's interested in Susan. But when they are having lunch at Monk's, they run into Allison. Susan and Allison then hook up and George has driven two women to lesbianism.

The Handicap Spot 5/13/93 In the original airing of this episode, John Randolph plays Frank Costanza, he is replaced by Jerry Stiller in syndication and later shows. George theorizes that good looking women walk fast. The gang jumps into Frank's car to get a present for the Drake's engagement--they end up with a big screen TV. However, they park in a handicap spot which indirectly causes a handicapped woman to crash her wheelchair. The car also gets trashed by an angry mob. So George and Kramer chip in to buy a used wheelchair for the lady, which of course fails. The woman crashes and Frank, who was just named humanitarian of the year, tells George to pick up a big screen TV (the Drake's TV). The gang pick up and bring it to the mall for a refund and park next to a fire hydrant. Interesting ironic note: Frank orders George to be his butler--just like the spoof TV show!

The Pilot 5/20/93 One of the great episodes. George reveals that sweatpants equals comfort. Jerry begs to differ. George becomes extremely worried about success and believes it could never happen. This manifests itself in George believing he has cancer because of a discoloration of his lip (white spot). He also obsesses on the actor who plays Kramer, whom he thinks has stolen a box of raisins. George's cancer worries turn out to be false, but the show is cancelled and success is ripped from George again. Fact: Michael Barth is credited as playing George in the spoof show.