Season One George Episode Guide

Pilot - July 5, 1989 (The show was originally called "The Seinfeld Chronicles")Good News, Bad News 7/5/89 George and Jerry eat at Pete's Lunch Diner, and George thinks that a woman coming to visit Jerry is not planning on seeing him. Jerry is the just in case guy. Also an eerie piece of advice from George to Jerry: always do the opposite! ("The Opposite"). George also has his theory on the greetings at airports. Good is: bags down, something with the lips, hugs.

The Stakeout 5/31/90 Art Vandelay's first mention--he's an importer/exporter. George is a realtor, he just showed someone a condo on 48th before meeting Jerry for the stakeout. Also mentions that he would like to be an architect.

The Robbery 6/7/90 George has an apartment on West 83rd (a two bedroom) available. He offers it to Jerry after he is robbed. But George wants the apartment. First they flip for it, but George calls heads and then interference. Soe they decide to play choose. George gets evens and loses in four plays.

Male Unbonding 6/14/90 Jerry tries to "break up" with a guy he has known since he was a kid but he ends up making the guy cry (all he did was play ping-pong at his house!). Kramer wants to start a pizza place "where you make your own pie".

The Stock Tip 6/21/90 George gets a stock tip from Wilkinson--Cendrex which has some way of broadcasting opera on television. George plunks down $5000 and convinces Jerry to put down $2500. After a few nervous days and stock drops, Jerry pulls out. George holds on to it and nets $8000. He then gets another tip: Trampco Corporation which has a new robot butcher.