Season Seven George Episode Guide

The Engagement 9/21/95 While eating with Jerry, George says he broke up with his latest girl because she beat him at chess and says "Happy, Pappy." They both vow to make changes and he goes after Susan and proposes marriage. Hours later, she agrees to marry. He finds out he's in deeper than he realizes when Susan moves in and tries to change him. He had plans to see "Firestorm" with Jerry but Susan insists on seeing "Muted Heart."

The Postponement 9/28/95 George's big idea: extend the stalls all the way down to the floor at Yankee Stadium. Susan doesn't like it and suggests changing the subject. Originally, the marriage is set for December, but George wants to move it to the first day of spring, March 21st. But how does he get her to move it? He breaks down and cries. But the first time, she breaks down and misses out on the make-up sex. At the end of the episode, the Rabii reveals that George doesn't think sex with a hooker is cheating.

The Maestro 10/5/95 Kramer sues the coffee shop because the Cafe Late was too hot. Elaine dates a man who insists on being called the Maestro. George thinks a security guard should be allowed to sit down. Jerry rents a house in Tuscany.

The Wink 10/12/95 While eating lunch at Monk's with the gang, George says he would rather date the blind. He also gets squirted in the eye with pulp from Jerry's grapefruit. Pulp can move! He doesn't realize that he winks all the time and this gets Mr. Morgan in trouble and ultimately fired for not signing Steinbrenner's birthday card (the card fetches $200 to a memorobilia collector). With Morgan fired, George gets his job.

The Hot Tub 10/19/95 George's great idea to look busy at work: look annoyed! And it works! Until he shows reps from the Houston Astros a good time on the town. They call him from the plane and he tells them " Yankee is going to Houston as long as you sons of bitches are running things!"

The Soup Nazi 11/2/95 George and Jerry wait in line for soup from the Soup Nazi and George complains that he doesn't get bread and loses his soup (medium turkey chili). George is also turned off about Jerry's show of public affection with his new girlfriend. Next time he goes to the Soup Nazi, he is successful and orders a large crab bisque and gets bread and pushes his luck. He also decides to show Jerry how annoying the public display of affection is and tries it with Susan, but Susan likes it.

The Secret Code 11/9/95 George won't tell his secret ATM code to anyone, not even Susan. Somehow, he gets stuck eating dinner with Peterman, when Jerry is able to weasel out and Elaine cancels. Then, Peterman learns that his mother is on her deathbed and George is dragged along. Just to help her out, George agrees to talk to her and tells her the secret code. She screams "Bosco, Bosco" then dies. Then George is dragged to the funeral because he can't lie to get out of it.

The Pool Guy 11/16/95 The World's Collide Theory. Independent George and Relationship George meet and George's world blows up. Now, George must go to Reggie's by himself because there is no room in the booth at Monk's. He also goes to Loew's Paragon to find Jerry, Susan, and Elaine watching "Chunnel". But he gets the theatres mixed up--it's playing on two screens, had he listened to Kramer's movie phone guide, he would have known about the 9:00 and 9:15 showings.

The Sponge 12/7/95 George begins breaking his vault to Susan and tells her that Jerry erases the 32 and writes in 31 on his jeans for the waist size. This leads to a fight with Susan based on the secret sharing. Then at a dinner with Susan, Jerry and Lena, he spills Jerry's secret of getting Lena's number and he's out of the loop. Also, Susan uses the sponge, but it's been taken off the market and George is desperate for make-up sex. We also learn that George doesn't use condoms because single men use it and he can't get the package open in time.

The Gum 12/14/95 Ah...George thinks Ruthie, the cashier at Monk's, stole his $20 bill and short changed him. Dina, his childhood neighbor thinks he's headed for a breakdown and his obsession with getting his change back and Lloyd Braun convince Dina he's nuts. He also loses his 1983 Le Baron to an engine fire. The clincher: he wears a Henry VIII costume, where he finds his $20 bill with lips.

The Rye 1/4/96 George's parents meet the Ross' for the first time and Frank brings a marble rye. The Ross' don't put it out and Frank takes it back. George tries to get the rye back in to the apartment. His plan: use a handsome cab ride to get them out, Jerry buys a marble rye from Schnitzer's and brings it. Problem solved. But it doesn't work out that way. Jerry has to steal the rye from an old lady. And George has to use a fishing pole to get the rye into the house.

The Caddy 1/25/96 George locks his keys in his car, possibly a Ford Taurus, and buys a membership in the auto club to get the car unlocked. He has to wait for the membership to kick in, and his car is sitting in the parking lot at Yankee Stadium. Which works to his benefit since Wilhelm and Steinbrenner both think he is putting in long hours and he's up for the assistant to the General Manager position. So he decides to take a vacation with Susan to her parent's rebuilt cabin, there he figures out how to get Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey Junior in trades. But his plan backfires when he realizes that fliers might be on his car. So he asks Jerry to go get them off his car. Kramer picks the lock, they get the car washed and crash the car. Kramer gets it back to Yankee Stadium, but there is blood in the car and the Yankees think George is dead and he doesn't get the promotion.

The Seven 2/1/96 When out to dinner with Susan's cousin and the husband, George suggests a new name for their baby-Soda. He's secretly keeping his name, Seven (in honor of Mickey Mantle). That is until he tells Susan, who thinks it's lame. She tells the cousin and the name is gone. Then he tries to get it back and induces labor.

The Cadillac 2/8/96 George finds out he would have been set up with Marisa Tomei because she likes funny, quirky, bald men. He becomes obsessed with the idea and schemes a way of meeting her. He finally gets Elaine to help and has to work on an alibi. And here is where Art Vandelay makes another appearance. He's Elaine's boyfriend, and he's having trouble with his business. He's an importer/exporter and wants to quit exporting. Elaine wants him to do both. George is trying to help. But it breaksdown in the face of Susan. Susan thinks George and Elaine are having an affair and investigates. Meanwhile, George gets his wish and is walking in the park with Marisa. He even uses his manure line and she eats it up. But he has to blow it when he mentions that he's kind of engaged. The result: a punch in the mouth. Then, Susan finds out that the alibi is a lie when Elaine crumbles under pressure (Vandelay imports potato chips, exports diapers). George says Vandelay imports matches. Susan slugs him.

The Shower Head 2/15/96 Jerry's got a spot on the Tonight Show and George asks if he could bring his parents. He learns that they are moving to Del Boca Vista, based on the brochure George gets from Jerry.

The Doll 2/22/96 Susan has a doll that eerily resembles Estelle Costanza and Susan insists on sleeping with the doll. Which means that George can't sleep because it feels like he's in bed with his mother. It drives him so nuts, that he thinks he's having a conversation with her in Monk's. The ordeal ends when Frank rips its head off.

The Friar's Club 3/7/96 George gets some great news when the wedding is postponed until June because the caterer messed up the date. We also learn that he thinks he could be a coach in the NFL and wants to be like the Gatsby's with Jerry and his new girl.

The Wig Master 4/4/96 Ethan, the wig master, is the houseguest of George and Susan. George has found a great deal on parking in the city, Jiffy Park. The cost is $75 a month and you get a free t-shirt. However, something else is going on in Jiffy Park. Kramer finds a condom in George's car and George freaks out. Susan catches him "paying" a hooker and he thinks he has a way out of the engagement, but no.

The Calzone 4/28/96 George's idea to extend the doors of the bathroom stalls in Yankee Stadium all the way to the ground is laughed at in a meeting. But he also gets an in with the Boss--calzones. He then gets to lunch with Steinbrenner every day with calzones from Paisano's Pizza. But this blows up in his face when he tries to prove that he tips the guy at the counter and reaches back in to redo the tip. He can't go there anymore. He's nervous and asks Newman for help, since Newman's route is near the shop. Newman demands: a calzone, slice of pepporoni pizza, large soda, and three times a week a canoli. But Newman doesn't go when it rains and George has to rely on Kramer and his change. Oops.

The Bottle Deposit 5/2/96 Wilhelm has a very important project for George to complete, unfortunately, George doesn't follow him into the bathroom for the explanation. Jerry suggests asking a follow up question and his assignment takes him to payroll. The payroll guy doesn't know what's going on until he calls Wilhelm. No help there either. Then Wilhelm tells him he should head downtown, just like the song says. Somehow, the assignment is completed but Steinbrenner thinks George is nuts and has him committed where he runs into Pop and Deena.

The Wait Out 5/9/96 George tries his hand at ruining relationships with his "you could have done a lot better than him" remark. It works and George is upset that his remark actually had that effect. He tries to rectify the situation and thwart Jerry and Elaine's plans. David, one of the involved parties, tries to break George and Susan up with the same remark. Susan asks to be alone, and George thinks he's home free. He's not, she just decides on getting the chicken.

The Invitations 5/16/96 George and Susan pick out wedding invitations at Melody Stationers. George, of course, picks out the cheapest ones he can find. He's also scheming on ways to avoid the wedding. His master plan: write a letter and disappear to China. Or maybe he'll just move to Staten Island. He tries smoking because Susan hates it. Doesn't work. He tries the prenuptial agreement and Susan laughs and says that she'll sign it. Nothing works for poor George, until Susan begins licking the envelopes. 200 invitations can do that when the glue is toxic. Susan dies. George calls Marissa Tomei and tries to arrange a date for the day after the funeral.