Season Six George Episode Guide

The Chaperone 9/22/94 George tries to fix Danny Tartabull's swing--and messes it up. His other scheme this episode: Cotton uniforms for the Yankees. Which backfires--they shrink.

The Big Salad 9/29/94 Julie, this episode's girlfriend, tries to take credit for the big salad George buys for Elaine. His banter at the restaurant includes the interesting prononciation of "Bobby Hebert." He's so upset about not getting credit for the big salad that it leads to the breakup. Also revealed: he would play with dolls.

The Pledge Drive 10/6/94 Elaine's friend Noreen dates a high talker and Jerry thinks she hit on him. Jerry cashes some old checks that his grandma had sent him. Everyone starts eating their Snickers with a fork. Jerry volunteers to host a pledge drive for PBS and George gets Danny Tartabull to be on it.

The Chinese Woman 10/13/94 George finds out his parents are getting divorced from a "Chinese woman" named Donna Chang because their lines are crossed. Once it is revealed that Donna is not Chinese, the divorce is back on!

The Couch 10/27/94 George tries to impress a new girl by joining her book club. Their assignment: Breakfast at Tiffany's. But George can't read it so Jerry tells him to watch the movie. Every video store he goes to is out, so he peaks at the address of the person who has it out...and then weasles his way into watching the movie with them (Joe Temple and family). He eventually spills grape juice on their couch and is kicked out.

The Gymnast 11/3/94 Lindsey is the victim of George this time. He has three strikes and he's out. Before strike one, George reveals that he takes his shirt off to do his business. Also, he tells Jerry that he's great with the mothers. Strike one: eating an eclaire out of the trash. Strike two: throwing coffee on someone's windshield and then cleaning it. Strike three: leaves his shirt off in Lindsey's home after doing business in the bathroom.

The Soup 11/10/94 George has eyes for the new waitress at Monk's, and he thinks she's hot for him. So he asks her if she wants to take a walk or something. She does, and he reveals he likes manure. Because there's a ma in front and a nure at the end. Two good things! George's meals: Bacon club w/ out the turkey and cold chicken sandwhich.

The Mom and Pop Store 11/17/94 George wants to buy a new car, he has his sights set on a 1989 Volvo but the salesman sells him a 1989 Le Baron because it was John Voight's (not Jon Voight, the actor). Jerry discovers the error and George throws him out of the car. To try and prove it was Jon Voight's car, he suggests having Jon Voight day at Yankee Stadium. It doesn't fly. So with the help of Kramer and his Jon Voight bite marks on his arm, they devise a plot to prove it: take it to Tim Whatley's party and have a dentist match up the patterns of Kramer's arm and a pencil. Of course, it's John Voight's car--the dentist.

The Secretary 12/8/94 George hires a secretary because she is not good looking and then gives her a raise during sex. Jerry spots the drycleaner wearing his clothes. Elaine accuses a store of having skinny mirrors. Kramer sells his clothes.

The Race 12/15/94 George calls a personal ad in the Daily Worker, a girl named Natalie. He also agrees to backup Jerry's story on the big race in high school (Kennedy High). George plans on meeting by accident at the diner where Jerry is having lunch with Lois and Duncan. He says he made his first million by 28 and is an architect who just finished a new addition to the Gugenheim. He also says he lost his virginity the day of the big race to Ms. Stafford in detention. The whole communist angle comes full circle when Steinbrenner finds out he is communist and sends him to Cuba to scout for baseball talent. Castro turns out to be just like Steinbrenner.

The Switch 1/5/95 George suspects his model girlfriend, Nina, is refunding at dinner at Peppard Hills Restaurant. His grand scheme to catch her in the act involvles Kramer and his mom, Babs. George is also the first to hear Kramer's first name: Cosmo. His plan is to have Babs spy on Nina in the bathroom and catch her in the act of refunding. Of course, it goes horribly wrong. Also in this episode: the roommate switch theory. Here's how it was supposed to work: suggest a manage-a-tois, the girl recoils in disgust and tells Jerry to leave. Later, she mentions it to her roommate who sympathisizes, but can't help but be flattered at the suggestion. A few days later, when she is known to be out, Jerry places a call and talks to the roommate. Use a little humor and then suggest dinner. The old one just says go ahead and date the sicko. The Roommate Switch!! Knowing George, of course it backfires and the girls are into it.

The Label Maker 1/19/95 In this episode, George's girlfriend is Bonnie, who lives with a man (Scott). Also revealed in this episode: George would drape himself in velvet if it was socially acceptable. George is first shocked and angry that Bonnie lives with a man which leads to a fight. As a peace offering, he buys her a cactus. He ultimately gets Scott to move out, but all the furniture, big tv, etc. are Scott's and not Bonnie's. So he wants out and what does he try: the Roommate Switch Theory. Scott and Bonnie, are of course, into it.

The Scofflaw 1/26/95 George can't keep a secret because he doesn't have a poker face and it gets him in trouble. Seems a guy named Gary lied to Jerry about having cancer and tells this to George. Gary also gives him a parking space for about $50 per month. George can't keep the secret and spills it to Jerry. But George tells Jerry that he can't use it against Gary, who had taken advantage of toupes from the Hair Team for Men. Moreover, Gary tells George that Debbie had said hello. Based on that information, George asks her out, but it turns out that she only said to send her regards and that she is in love with Gary. At the end of the episode, George decides that he is going to get a toupe and runs into Gary who tells him that he can't have the parking space. George gives Jerry permission to use the info.

Highlights of a Hundred 2/2/95 A one hour special celebrating the first hundred episodes.

The Beard 2/9/95 Still wearing a toupe, George gets set up with one of Kramer's friends: Denise. But she's bald and George wants to dump her. Seeing the irony, Elaine rips the toupe off his head and throws it out the window. And George is dumped. Also, George's tip to Jerry's lie detector test for Melrose Place: "It's not a lie if you believe it."

The Kiss Hello 2/16/95 In this episode, it is revealed that George has great hearing. He also suggests squeezable ketchup.

The Doorman 2/23/95 Kramer pretends to mug George in front of a band load of German tourists. George is also living with his father in his apartment and in a shocking moment on television, Frank has breasts! And with George being George, he thinks he has them too, or will get them. Also, he wants to get his dad to move out. The plan: get rid of the pee couch and give to Mr. Pitt's building.

The Jimmy 3/16/95 Jerry and George meet a guy who refers to himself in the first person. Kramer is thought to be mentally handicapped and gets to meet Mel Torme. Jerry thinks he might have been violated at the dentists.

The Doodle 4/6/95 Paula, George's girlfriend, who is taking an art class with Elaine, doodles a strange and distorted picture of George on a napkin. So George is worried that Paula doesn't like him and enlists Elaine to find out if she does. Paula says looks aren't important to her and this drives George nuts. It's straightened out and George dresses in velvet for the first time. The relationship ends when Paula sucks a peach pit.

The Fuscilli Jerry 4/27/95 Nancy Coffer is this episodes victim (girlfriend). And George is working on making her happy and asks Jerry for his "move." Here's how the move works: it requires a headboard with no padding, no more than one foot differential in height, and end it with a clockwise swirl. But George can't get it right and then writes it down on his hand (George modifies it to a counterclockwise swirl). Of course the relationship ends when Nancy finds the crib notes. Also revealed: George's signature "move" has a knuckle at the end.

The Diplomat's Club 5/4/95 To prove he's not anti-black, George wants a picture of him and Morgan on his desk. He also tries to convince Morgan that he looks like Sugar Ray Leanord. George goes even further and tries to prove he has black friends. He goes back to Joe Cantwell (from "The Couch"), but no luck. Then he tries the exterminator, Carl (from "The Doodle") and takes him to dinner to meet Morgan.

The Face Painter 5/11/95 Ah, toilet paper. It hasn't changed since it began. Or that's how George thinks. Seanna is his girl and he tells her he loves her twice, but no response. It's a big move for George, who has only said "I love you" one other time--to a dog. The dog licked himself and left the room.

The Understudy 5/18/95 Jerry is dating Bette Midler's understudy and always has to comfort her. George runs over Bette in a softball game and Kramer take care of her. Elaine thinks the manicurists are making fun of her so she takes George's father with her to translate.