Season Two George Episode Guide

The Ex-Girlfriend 1/23/91 George is seduced by a woman and forced to say I love you to Marlene. He then breaks up with her, but she and Jerry strike up something. George asked Jerry to pick up some books he left at Marlene's, and Jerry and her hit it off and George doesn't care. Interesting tidbit: he's cheap and insists on only paying half the bill for a visit to the chiropracter, also thinks he swallowed a fly.

The Pony Remark 1/30/91 Jerry offends an elderly relative with a remark about how immigrants shouldn't have ponies. She dies and Jerry feels she haunted him during the softball championship.

The Jacket 2/8/91 Jerry finds a great suede jacket that has a pink and white striped liner. The jacket gets ruined when he wears it to meet Elaine's father and it snows.

The Phone Message 2/13/91 Jerry dates woman who likes Docker's commercials; George leaves bad messages on woman's machine

The Apartment 4/4/91 George's brilliant idea on how to get women: wear a wedding band! He gets to use Kramer's dad's wedding band for a party. He pretends he's married to get women, but it only backfires. One woman tells him she can get floor tickets to any sporting event at Madison Square Garden, one loves bald men with glasses, and a third just loves physical relationships. But George is married and he's Costanza, lord of the idiots.

The Statue 4/11/91 Jerry has a man clean his apartment, and the man may have stolen a statue; Kramer retrieves the statue from the man. Kramer thinks he's this tough detective.

The Revenge 4/18/91 George quits his job at Vic Bar Properties over access to the toilets. He brainstorms with Jerry over possible jobs: General Manager of a sports team, a sports announcer, projectionist, talk show host. He realizes he's good at nothing and decides to return to work and pretend nothing happened. Of course, it backfires and George is left jobless. So at a company celebration, he gets Elaine to hit on Vic so he can slip him a mickey. Still without a job, he ponders future employment: professor of history or a stable boy.

The Heart Attack 4/25/91 George brings in his own cucumber for salad at Monk's. Then he thinks he has a heart attack because he had seen "Coronary Country" the night before. He goes to the hospital and he hasn't had a heart attack, he just needs his tonsils removed (they grew back!). But before he gets this news, he asks Jerry to kill him with the pillow. Kramer then convinces George to see Tor, a holistic healer, to save on money ($38 for the first visit). Tor gives him a tea mixed with krembar and couch grass, but it backfires and he ends up with an eggplant face and an ambulance accident over candy.

The Deal 5/2/91 Jerry and Elaine try to have "This and That" (they try to be friends and lovers) so they establish a set of rules. (no calls the day after, etc.) Jerry doesn't know what to get Elaine for her birthday so he gives her cash.

The Baby Shower 5/16/91 George, still pissed that Leslie squirted chocolate on his red shirt, vows revenge when he finds out that Elaine is hosting a baby shower for her. When Jerry's show is cancelled, he agrees to pick up Jerry at the airport and take him home, knowing that Leslie would be there. He gets his chance to vent, but a woman Jerry dated stole the show and he caves in to Leslie and gets cake added to his shirt.

The Chinese Restaurant 5/23/91 This is definitely a Seinfeld classic. George, Jerry, and Elaine wait for a table in a Chinese Restaurant for a really long time.

The Busboy 6/26/91 Geroge accidentally gets a busboy fired but end up saving his life. This busboy also loses his cat. Elaine can't get rid of an unwanted house guest.