George Facts and Trivia

George's Vital Statistics

Parents: Frank and Estelle Costanza

Full Name: George Louis Costanza

Junior High School:

High School: Kennedy High School

College: Queens College; he did get into Podiatry School!

Lost Virginity: to Ms. Stafford the home room teacher

Condom of Choice: Trojan

Secret ATM Code: Bosco

Religion: Converted to Latvian Orthodox

The Foods of George

  1. Macana Peaches in "The Doodle"
  2. A once bitten eclair above the rim in trash in "The Gymnast"
  3. Bacon Club with out the turkey--what he orders in "The Soup"
  4. Cold chicken sandwhich--what he actually gets in "The Soup"
  5. Nestle Quik in "The Shoes"
  6. Chips and double dipping in "The Implant"
  7. Wants a chow fun in "The Virgin"
  8. Nuts and grape juice in "The Couch"
  9. Spinach, it's on his teeth for an inteview in "The Nose Job"
  10. A fly, thinks he swallowed it at Monk's in "The Ex-Girlfriend"
  11. Tuna fish in "The Trip"
  12. Cucumber brought in for his salad in "The Heart Attack"
  13. Arabian Mocha Java, Elaine purchased it for him in "The Money"
  14. Likes chocolate chip muffins in "The Pothole"
  15. Halibut Omellet, his surprise in "The English Patient"
  16. Pudding and pudding skins, in "The Blood"
  17. Strawberries and chocolate, in "The Blood"
  18. Pastrami, in "The Blood"
  19. Soft boiled egg, in "The Blood"
  20. Baked potato, forced to eat in "The Betrayal"
  21. Coffee and donut, in "The Burning"
  22. Devil's Food Cake, in "The Burning"
  23. Bagel and cream cheese, in "The Sponge"
  24. Eggplant calzone, several times, in "The Calzone"
  25. Lobster, in "The Hamptons" and "The Conversion"
  26. Chicken salad on rye, potato salad, and tea in "The Opposite"
  27. Diet Coke, in "The Seven"
  28. Cake, in "The Mango"
  29. Chocolate Malt, in "The Mango"
  30. Mango, in "The Mango"
  31. Jello with bananas, in "The Puffy Shirt"
  32. Onion, eaten like an apple, in "The Glasses"
  33. Rold Gold Pretzels, in "The Glasses"
  34. Sundae, caught on camera at the U.S. Open, in "The Lip Reader"
  35. Chocolate Cake, in "The Conversion"
  36. Shasta soda, in "The Alternate Side"
  37. Medium Turkey Chili, in "The Soup Nazi"
  38. Large Crab Bisque w/ bread, in "The Soup Nazi"


George's Girlfriends

George's Theories and Ideas

  1. The Roommate Switch: Suggest a menage-a-tois. The girl will recoil in disgust and tell you to get out. She later mentions it to the roommate who shows her sympathy, yet cannot help but be intrigued and flattered by the suggestion. Place a phone call when the girl is known to be out. Talk up the roommate and use humor and then invite to dinner. The original girl will tell the roommate to go ahead and date him. It can't fail (well, if you're George or Jerry, it can!)

  2. The Move: Okay, so it's Jerry's Move. But George did use it! It requires a headboard with no padding, no more than a one foot differential in heights...ends with a clockwise swirl.
  3. World's Collide Theory: Relationship George versus Independent George. Who will win? Relationship George is George when he is with Susan. Independent George is George when he is with his friends: liar George, for example. If the two meet...Relationship George will destroy Independent George.
  4. Cotton Uniforms: George finds out that the uniforms the Yankees wear are polyester. He suggests to Buck Showalter to switch to cotton. Cooler players mean better players! Except for the fact that cotton can shrink! Oops.
  5. Bathroom Stalls: Extend the stall doors to the ground!
  6. Look Annoyed equals Looking Busy at work!